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Sports Massage

Sports massage has several physical, physiological and psychological benefits.


As well as helping the body to recover from any injuries incurred because of strenuous physical activity, a course of therapy also has a role to play in any athlete or sportsperson’s long-term injury prevention strategy.

The physical benefits include:



Pain reduction

Sports massage therapy removes the tension and waste products in the body which cause pain, as well as helping to release the body’s natural endorphins.

Improved circulation and delivery of nutrients to the muscles

Helping to increase the blood flow to the tissues, allowing nutrients to pass through to them more easily.

Breakdown of scar tissue

A course of sports massage therapy is useful in breaking down the scar tissues of the body which helps to increase blood flow to supply muscles and tissues.

Reducing stress in the connective tissues

Sports massage manipulates and stretches connective muscle tissues, with the aim of releasing stress and built-up pressure. Intense sports training can cause tissues to become hard and inflexible. Stretching the muscle tissues can help to reverse this inflexibility.


Reducing stress and anxiety

Sports massage is useful for reducing anxiety and stress, which helps to improve mood and overall sports performance.

Initial treatment at the salon will involve a consultation, postural analysis and range of movement tests taking roughly 25 minutes to evaluate the area in question.

The rest of the treatment will be hands – on including massage, cupping and stretches based on relevant findings.

You maybe given stretches and exercises to carry on with in between appointment to improve your recovery.

Shorter follow up appointments are available as symptoms lessen.

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