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Remedial Deep Tissue Massage

Remedial Deep Tissue Massage focuses on realigning deep layers of the muscles and connective tissue or fascia. Where you feel chronic muscle tension in the body, there are usually adhesion’s (rigid scar tissue) in the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Scar tissue is painful and can restrict your body movements and block circulation. Over time it can also encourage bad posture.

Remedial Deep Tissue Massage focuses on breaking down these adhesion’s and releasing the chronic tension that may have built up in the muscle over time.



In order to do this, I will use a variety of techniques depending on the severity of the muscular problem and within your pain threshold.

As well as trigger point technique and deep friction therapy,  classic massage strokes will also be used, but the movements will be much slower and deeper in order to correct the muscle fibres. Some discomfort and pain has to be expected when treating chronic muscle tension or adhesion’s but you should never be out of your comfort zone.


As your therapist, I will be in continuous communication with you to ensure that this pain threshold is not broken and that you always remain comfortable.

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