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What to expect at a sports massage

One question I am often asked is "what should I expect from a Sports Massage?"  It’s a great question, as talking to one of my clients on our second or third massage I actually found out that she didn’t know what to expect, that she was actually quite nervous and had in fact put it off for quite a while.  So to put your mind at rest, this is what will normally happen…

Your first Massage appointment

When you arrive, we will discuss privately, the reason you have come in for treatment so that we can get a better understanding of what the problem may be and what any contributing factors are.

I will ask you questions about any health issues you may have, medications you are taking, your lifestyle and previous injuries. We will also talk about what you are hoping to achieve from your visit.

The Massage

Once a consultation has been completed you will be requested to remove appropriate items of outer clothing.

I recommend that you wear suitable underwear and can bring some shorts and a strappy vest or crop top if female. You are always welcome to bring a chaperone with you to appointments. Most first appointments will include a postural assessment, ranges of movement and a visual / manual assessment of the area of pain.

Massage is a manual therapy and I use massage wax or oil when treating. I use towels and cushions to make the treatment as comfortable as possible. There are varying techniques used such deep tissue massage, muscle energy techniques and active/ passive stretching.  The pressure can often be quite deep and may cause some discomfort but should never be too painful. I will also guide you through the treatment however, if at any point there is too much pressure just let me know and it will be adapted. Some suitable remedial exercises and stretches may be shown at the end of the massage for you to complete in your own time.

Who should go for a Sports Massage?

Absolutely anyone! Massage can help with everyday aches and pains, postural imbalances, aid the recovery processes between training sessions, improve blood circulation and tissue pliability, prevent injury and enhance sporting performance. You do not need to be an athlete or sports person to benefit from a sports massage.


Does a Sports Massage hurt?

Yes and no.  I will not have you trying to crawl off the couch to get away from me because when too much pressure is applied your natural response is to tense up, this means I am now treating your voluntary muscle tension (even if involuntary on your part) and not the problem area but sometimes it helps if we can go in deep to get to the end result, and that may be a little sensitive, but it should not be unbearable.

It is important that you talk to me and let me know what pressure is ok and when is enough. We will work together to get the best result as comfortably as possible for you.

Is there anything I should do after a Sports Massage?

Rest and drink plenty of water!!  Your muscles may be a little sore afterwards, especially the first time as they may not be used to being massaged.  Sports Massage can release toxins stored in your muscles into your bloodstream, and it is not uncommon for clients who do not drink plenty of water to feel a slight headache or very thirsty later that day.

I normally advise that a patient should refrain from any vigorous exercise for 24 hours as your body will need to integrate the changes that have taken place as a result of the massage.  Listen to your body, if it feels like it needs a day off, give it one.


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